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Monthisa carries out its real-estate activity through its subsidiary Monthisa Residencial..

Created in 1971, Monthisa Residencial has gained a strong foothold, having become one of the strongest real-estate firms in our country in residential development.

This firm is has a reputation for high-quality projects in privileged locations of our country, currently in the process of carrying out 15 developments totaling 111,650 meters of built space in the form of the more than 900 homes it is currently marketing.

MONTHISA has developed more than 20,000 residences since 1971 throughout a large part of the country, some of its developments being benchmarks in the districts where they were built.

As of the very start of this activity, MONTHISA’s projects have been evolving in keeping with the evolution of architecture, building technologies and the end users’ needs, at all times maintaining its demanding levels of design and quality.

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