Asset Management

Management of the entire real-estate cycle

Capitalizing on its 45 years of experience in the real-estate sector, Monthisa fully covers the management of the entire real-estate cycle, from the bargaining and sale of lands, urban planning procedures, preparation and design of the building plans, works contracting, as well as the works supervisory and, of course, marketing and sale, delivery and after-sales follow-up.

Traditionally, Monthisa has been a local partner of important International institutions and investors, having set up Joint Ventures with international partners such a Tilbury-Douglas and Hines with successful histories in developing residential complexes, shopping centers and office projects.

Investment opportunities

Over the past few years, Monthisa has been actively analyzing investment opportunities jointly with different national financial institutions and investment funds.

Some of the most outstanding operations in which Monthisa serves as Asset & Property Manager include:

  • FAB Bull: Acquisition of 1,656 real-estate assets from the Management Company for Assets Arising from the Banking Sector Reorganization (SAREB).
  • Acquisition in conjunction with a major international institutional investor of a portfolio of more than 500 assets from a Spanish bank.
  • Delegated management of residential developments with a national financial institution.

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